Branding Your Etsy Shop Part 1 – Tagging

Etsy and Artfire are admirable platforms to affection and advertise your handmade crafts, best items and art of all types. However, these platforms can alone do so abundant to advance your shops. You are amenable for accepting noticed by Google or any seek engine. Recently, Google fabricated addition algorithm about-face which acquired gnashing of teeth in the online world, so we acquire had to accomplish adjustments in how we accompany cartage to Etsy shops.

This is the aboriginal in a alternation of online writing on how to cast yourself or your Etsy shop. The alternation will abode Social Media Management; Twitter, Google Analytics, Etsy stats, Treasury-BNR, teams, circles, added sites such as Linked-in, Google+ and Google Circles, WordPress and Blogger blogs and how to use these avenues to advice become a cast to accretion added notice, cartage and sales.

Google is king; Yahoo and Bing are bottom ability in the seek engine world. We will focus on Google for now. Anniversary use algebraic formulas to forward out little bots or spiders to clamber for new and beginning content. In this burning association we charge and wish new agreeable “right now”. The seek engines plan harder to accord us what we want. Attending at the end of the commodity for advice on how Google crawls the web.

Imagine you set up a brick and adhesive store, and banal it with admirable and bright items. As a business buyer as you are with Etsy it is your albatross to absolute cartage to your store/shop. In the brick and adhesive apple you would not sit in the average of your abundance and achievement barter may airing in and buy. You may get some casual cartage but you charge to let your bazaar apperceive that you are accessible and accessible to sell. In the online apple it is the aforementioned you can set up an Etsy or Artfire boutique and you conceivably get some casual cartage but unless you let the apple apperceive that you are accessible for business the boutique is not calling absorption to the apple that you are accessible and accessible to sell. You may accretion a few angle or even a accidental auction as the new shops accretion a baby bulk of absorption from Etsy as you account new items. Etsy tries to aid sellers and buyers with the use of tags, categories and descriptions, treasuries, foreground page appearance and ads.

The aboriginal chapter of the alternation of how to cast your boutique and it begins with Etsy tagging.

So, you acquire an Etsy boutique actuality a few tips to tagging and ambience categories. Etsy association forums are absurd sites arranged with all you charge to apperceive about tagging for success. I will not echo all the do’s and don’ts from Etsy you can apprehend it for yourself on the advice forums. I had to change all my tags and descriptions for the new accommodation issues.


Who is it for? What is the use? How to use your item? Properly tagged account listings will accompany added shoppers to your boutique which hopefully after-effects in added sales for you. Recently Etsy afflicted the bold to accommodation first, again description.

Here are a few suggestions from my acquaintance as an Etsy boutique owner. Tag any holidays, Christmas, Halloween, mother’s day, father’s day, weddings, helpmate mother of the, women’s, posh, fancy, tag with words in added languages in French, Italian, German etc. Tag for Holiday’s in added countries such as Boxing Day, Hanukkah, is a abundant key chat to use during the Jewish holiday; I fabricated some nice sales tagging for indigenous holidays. Girls Day in Japan, Diwali in India. Change the spelling for added markets an archetype is the word; jewellery instead of adornment use the chat bespoke for custom handmade in Europe and the UK. The words colour, for CA and the UK. Tag with country names too. You ability wish to attending at your Etsy stats to see what keywords are baronial the accomplished and be abiding to add those in your tags and descriptions. Tag for aggregation names and your own boutique name as able-bodied every few listings, you should abstain long-tailed tags with 4 or 5 words in anniversary tag, I am not abiding that the seek engines aces up continued tags- Google Analytics has a abundant new affection “in page analytic’s”. It is fantastic, it will appearance you what keywords or what account on what page brought the client to your site.

Among Etsy’s seek tabs there is an important advertisement for ability = Tween, mothers, boyfriends, dog lovers, dads, kids babies etc. Attending at what you are affairs would annihilation fit into any of those allowance categories. To analysis out your tags, account the aforementioned account alert but tag anniversary differently. It could be absorbing to see which tags accompany the a lot of traffic. Accommodation is the key to Etsy cartage now.

The next column we will attending at Facebook fan pages to abutment your Etsy shop

How Google crawls the web. The abbreviate adaptation from Google:

“How generally does Google clamber the web?

Google’s spiders consistently clamber the web to clean our index. Crawls are based on abounding factors such as PageRank, links to a page, and ample constraints such as the amount of ambit in a URL. Any amount of factors can affect the clamber abundance of alone sites.

Our clamber action is algorithmic; computer programs actuate which sites to crawl, how often, and how abounding pages to back from anniversary site. We don’t acquire transaction to clamber a website added frequently.”

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